Expand your horizon

ExpandJS is a modular library with 100+ custom elements and 350+ utility functions to kickstart your Web Applications.

The elements are built upon Polymer and follow Google's Material Design guidelines, allowing for beautiful and responsive interfaces.

The utility library is an extension of lodash, adding more functions and introducing checks for unexpected arguments.

Youtube Search

Youtube Search

A video search app, built with ExpandJS and its Material Design elements, in less than 700 lines of code.

Web Components

Custom Elements

ExpandJS provides you a set of highly reusable elements, built to expand native HTML capabilities.

They encapsulate functionality and user interface patterns in new interoperable HTML tags.

Custom Elements can be used simply by adding an import statement to your HTML pages, as shown below.

JS Utilities

JS Utilities

ExpandJS provides you a set of utility functions, designed to enhance your JavaScript programming experience.

The same code works both in browsers and NodeJS applications, leading to a solid and coherent foundation for your projects and greatly reducing the development time.

JS Classes

JS Classes

ExpandJS allows to create JS Classes with an OOP friendlier approach.

They come with useful built-in features, like validation on setters, observable changes, configurable default values, pluggable functions and more.